Top 10 Color Trends For Spring / Summer 2015

Top 10 Color Trends For Spring / Summer 2015


Colors have been used as a symbol for various things since ages! Through colors, you can express your choice, a way of thought, your moods, the taste of fashion and the sense of style! So, colors are very important in our lives. As far as the spring/summer 2015 fashion is concerned, the color trends for the season are just out now! The fashion designers and the Pantone launched the Top 10 Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2015! Through this guide, you will be able to opt for the colors among dresses, footwear, jewelry and bags like fashion items. So, follow the word down and get the latest updates of the color trends regarding the spring and summer season 2015!

Pantone has launched the top 10 color trends that will be in high demand in the summer and spring 2015! Fashion designers played with these colors to show the latest varieties of the fashion items for the spring and summer 2015. Here we will just share the top 10 color trends that are actually highly stylish this season! Let us have a look!


Aquamarine is a cool and soft color tone that really touches the heart! This color is somehow in between the ocean color and the sky color. In the spring and summer 2015, aquamarine color is going to be in high demand of the fashionistas. Fashion designers designed the dresses in this color tone for the year 2015. So, it would be an awesome option to get the sophistication! So, start looking for the items that are made with this color and have funky looks this season!

Classic Blue Color

Almost 12 % of the fashion designers used this color in their items. Classic blue color is always splendid and awesome! So, the spring and summer seasons 2015 are just going to be enjoyed with this royal hue. The dressing line, the footwear and the bags, all will be just fabulous with classic blue! So, have fun with this color by adding the blue colored items in your closet!

Scuba Blue Color

It is a lighter and softer shade of the blue color that soothes the eyes and mind. It would be a great option to induce this color in your wardrobe items for the spring and summer 2015. As the collections of the fashion designers showed that this color will be voguish this season. So, have funky kinds of fashion items inspired with the scuba blue color in the spring/summer 2015!

Lucite Green Color

This is a very cool and soft kind of hue that roots in the green color. Lucite green is also used by the fashion designers in their collections presented for the spring and summer 2015. So, arrange your spring/summer closet with the items having this unique color and enjoy the taste of this color! It will be looking just awesome this season!

Toasted Almond Color

Toasted almond is a lighter hue that is so cool and funky that every age group can try this color in the spring and summer 2015. It is a neutral color and would be the center of attraction this season. So, add the items having this splendid color for this summer/spring 2015. You will be admired and look great while wearing this hue!

Strawberry Ice Color 2015

Strawberry ice is a pink shade that is a superb kind of hue to try this summer and spring 2015. The pinkish skirts, dresses, frocks and the tops will be in high demand this year. All of the teens and young ladies, get ready to wear this awesome pinkish hue in the summer/spring 2015! You will be a center of the eyes surely! So, buy the pinkish tops, shirts, skirts and what not!

Custard Color

Custard color is a bright yellowish hue that looks just attractive and gorgeous! Whatever the occasion is and whatever your age is, regardless to all those conditions, just have fun with the cool and soothing custard color that will blow the minds of the people! Add the outfits and accessories of the custard color for this spring and summer 2015!

Marsala Color 2015

Marsala trend is at its peak this year! Whether the outfits or the accessories, all is going to be upgraded by the rich marsala color this spring and summer! Marsala hue is applied to the collections of the designers for the spring and summer 2015. So, buy the tops, skirts and shirts of the marsala hue and go rocking this season!

Tangerine Color

Tangerine is something like the orange hue, that will be a big fashion in the summer/spring 2015. Beautiful costumes for the summer and spring season are just available in the collections of the designers inspired from this orange shade! It will be one of the most favorite colors this season, so wear the tangerine color and upgrade your style and look!

Glacier Gray

Glacier gray, the rich shade of the neutral colors! Glacier gray hue is one of the most attractive colors that will be in vogue this year. In the summer and spring 2015, you can have fun with the glacier gray and enhance your looks. Just arrange your wardrobe for the summer and spring 2015, adding the glacier gray tones of the items to make your closet just rich in terms of the taste of colors! You can look just gorgeous wearing the glacier gray dresses and accessories!

So, that is the list of the top 10 color trends 2015 that are going to be a big fashion in the summer and spring season. People always want the new colors and new items to make their style unique from all others. For those people, who want to wear the softer and cooler hues in the spring and summer 2015, this guide is just perfect one!

You can choose the desired color from this guide and go rocking around the crowd! Hopefully, you will be looking classy and gorgeous this spring and summer 2015! Stay connected for more updates and fashion idea!