Kim Kardashian Hair Color Dilemma

Kim Kardashian Hair Color Dilemma


Kim Kardashian The reality star from Keeping up with the Kardashians knows how to remain in the spotlight with her myriad of subtle publicity antics. This time she went the way of personal appearance and grooming for gleaning said attention.

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo on the social media outlet Instagram. This was on the 18th of this March. Kim posted the picture with her blonde hair color and wrote in the caption that it was a full-time job trying to be blonde. Well, it seems that she is already reminiscing about her luscious brown locks of original.

The reason for such a claim is that on the 17th of this month, the 34-year-old Kim Kardashian’s permanent makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic posted a picture of her on Instagram. The photo showed her sporting long and brown hair. Well, that is certainly odd as the actress is still sporting her blonde platinum look as of now. Well, it is possible that she was donning a wig but still her appearing in such a hair color is suggestive of the fact that Kim is pining for her brown hair.

It was on the 18th of this March that Kim posted her photo of having an in sink session for her hair maintenance. Well for those of you that doubted this fact, then don’t. It is totally true because hair that differs from one’s original hair color requires quite a bit of care and maintenance. Well, this Instagram post certainly proves it doesn’t it?

What transpired earlier was pure horror. That is because Kim appeared on the scene with dark roots, thereby putting her mortality on display for all to view.

That is why many were mistaken in believing that Kim had reverted to her original hair color when her makeup artist posted her photo on the Instagram portal. He had also tagged the photo with the label of Kim K.

It might have been nothing more than merely a wig or an older picture, but still, it caused quite a ruckus but for those that dug Kim’s platinum look, breathe easy as she is still donning it.

Well, she might have been in the midst of getting her hair maintained but Kim still managed to look totally composed with flawless makeup applied to her facial features. She was sporting eyeliner, long eyelashes and a matte, mauve lipstick shade.

Let us know in the comments below as to which look you prefer on Kim, the Platinum Blonde one or her original Brown one.