How To Get Rid Of Acne – 18 Skin Care Experts Share...

How To Get Rid Of Acne – 18 Skin Care Experts Share Their Secrets


How to get rid of acne, is not a big deal now! Most of the people get the acne breakouts on their skin and they worry about to get rid of these obnoxious breakouts. For this, they get various remedies done on their skin but yet fail to get rid of the acne! That is why, we contacted the top 18 skin care experts to share their secrets with us, and all those secrets are going to be revealed here on the spot! So, get ready to fight against your acne breakouts and get the clear skin soon! Let us throw light upon the subject, How To Get Rid Of Acne – 18 Skin Care Experts Share Their Secrets!


Batty is a renowned skin care expert who shared the tips to get rid of acne. According to Batty, tea tree oil is the best kind of remedy that can be a good cure to combat the acne. Check your skin care products either having the harmful chemicals like SLS or SLES in them. Do not use such products on your skin. Concentrate on the diet you are taking as it is also related to your acne. Take healthy and balanced food and check your hormonal balance as well as it could be a cause of your acne. Do not avoid the moisturizers but these should be specific for the acne prone skin or oily skin!

Josh Collier

Josh Collier is also a renowned skin care expert who suggests cleansing the acne prone skin with mild cleansers instead of using the harsh chemical-containing stuff like the scrubs and the cleansers having SLS. These ingredients are harmful to the acne prone skin, so avoid such products to use on your skin.

Your hairstyling products and conditioners also have to be taken care about, in case you have acne prone skin. These products mostly contain harsh chemicals that harm your acne when get in touch with your skin.

Remove the makeup and it is essential for the skin that has acne problem with it. Choose a good quality makeup remover and apply on your skin to remove the makeup. Makeup remover should be mild and natural.

Elaine Mummery

This expert says that acne is, in fact, a form of the rash and need a special care to treat it. So, follow the tips given below to fight against your acne.

Diet plays a vital role in terms of treating your acne. Healthy and balanced diet is an appropriate stuff that makes your acne prone skin better than before. So, leave the junk food and oily food, replacing it with the healthy food items. According to this expert, the stress is very bad for your acne. Stress makes your acne worse than before. So, do not take the stress and it will be fine for your acne prone skin. Stomach problems also lead to acne, so look at this aspect as well.

Sheila Calderon

Sheila is a well-known skin care expert who gave the reasons of acne. According to her, the reasons of acne are malnutrition, oily food, hormonal imbalance, sleeping disorders and stress. These are the possible causes of your acne, so you have to care about these aspects.

If you workout, apply the acne toner on your skin after working out. Use the acne toner on your acne prone skin, it will relieve your acne problem. Aspirin (Salicylic Acid) is the best ever remedy that can make your acne better. Apply the salicylic acid on your acne prone skin, it will soothe your pain, redness, and the inflammation. So, do these steps to combat the acne issue.

Lauren Allen

According to Lauren Allen, you have to avoid touching your skin if you have acne breakouts on your skin. It will make your acne worse as the hands have various kinds of germs present on, and the dirt and bacteria attached to the hands will attack your acne in a bad way. So, avoid touching of your hands to your skin nor pop your pimples out.

Cleanse or wash your face at least twice or thrice a day as it will be helpful to fight the acne issue. Do not use the soaps like stuff to wash your face, instead use the mild cleansers and the face wash specified for the acne prone skin. Drink enough water a day, it will help to get the best results and take full sleep too. These remedies will make your acne better than before!

Tracy Raftl

According to this skin care expert, avoid the use of harsh chemicals containing substances and products get in touch to your acne prone skin. Use the mild face cleansers and the mild face washes to wash your face. Do not pop your pimples or squeeze them as it could be harmful to your skin that is already harmed by the acne.

Keep an eye on your dietary habits, like leave the oily foods and the dairy products. Avoid sugary substances in food items. And replace these harmful items with the fresh fruits and veggies. Take the balanced diet and drink plenty of water. These steps would be beneficial for your skin.

Rinky Kapoor

Always remove makeup and cleanse your skin at least twice a day with a gentle cleanser or face wash, according to Rinky Kapoor. Before to bed, you have to remove your makeup at any cost as it would be harming your acne through the whole night if not removed.

Exercise on the daily basis to get the healthy life routines and add the healthy food items in your daily food chart instead of the oily and junk food you take. Take antioxidants as it will be helpful in fighting against your acne. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be properly, according to the normal values!

Exfoliate your skin with the mild scrubs that do not contain the harsh chemicals inside. Do exfoliation twice a week and you will get the benefits.

Veronica Malibu

Veronica Malibu is also a well-known skin care expert who suggests taking care of your skin that is having acne. A good quality cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and scrub have to be used on your skin, but these products should be formulated for the acne prone skin specifically.

You have to check your skin products and cosmetics to have any harmful oils in them like acetylated lanolin and isopropyl myristate. These oils irritate the acne prone skin, so have to be avoided. These oils are emulsifiers that are used in the cosmetics, but this clogs the pores and hence the acne breakouts get worse.

Retin-A that is the vitamin A gel is really helpful to fight against your acne breakouts, so use this formula to get benefited. Focus on your diet, that is to avoid the junk food and oily food. And take the healthy food items full of vitamins and minerals to get the benefits.

Pam Gardner Cosgrove

According to this skin care expert, if you have acne prone skin, you have to keep your hands neat and clean. Make a habit of washing your hands with a good antiseptic handwash, so that if unintentionally you may touch your skin, the bacteria attacks could not be possible.

Do not pop or squeeze the pimples on your skin as this causes to get the acne scars that look so bad are difficult to get rid of. Use a daily regimen to fight against your acne breakouts. You can choose any good kind of the formula that can soothe your skin and reduce the blemishes of the acne.

Kris D’amour

According to Kris D’ amour, you have to check the skin care products either these are having the harmful oils that clog your pores or the extra drying stuff that make your skin the rough and dull without having any moisture. You have to use the products that are containing the natural oils like jojoba oil, apple seed oil, grapeseed oil and the melon seed oil. These oils will make your skin nourished and moisturized without clogging the pores. So, use these oils and moisturize your skin.Besides apply the products having elements that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Choose the diet items that are full of vitamins and minerals like fresh veggies and fruits. Drink plenty of water and avoid the fizzy drinks, dairy products, oily food and the sugary food items. Do the exercise on daily basis, it would really help you get rid of the acne breakouts. Healthy lifestyle routine will make your acne prone skin better and clear.

Claudia Aguirre

Use the skin care products that are having the sulfur, salicylic acid, and the Chamomile. Choose the stuff that is somehow anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Make sure that you are taking zinc contents in your diet as it will help to combat the acne prone skin. Relax your mind and cut off the stress factor in your life. Stress makes your hormones disturbed and the acne breakouts get worse. So, be careful in these aspects and get helped!


According to Stephanie, you have to combat the acne issue by altering the eating habits of yours. If you are taking the oily foods, replace them with the healthy oils like avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil. Avoid the dairy products. Take healthy food items like fresh vegetables and fruits that give nutrients to your skin. Drink enough water to make your skin hydrated from inside. Take full sleep around 8 hours a day. Take regular exercise that makes your body healthy and beautiful. Cut off the stress element in your life that will make your acne better and you will be able to get rid of the acne!

Joshua Zeichner

This expert focuses on the food items like sugary foods, oily foods skim milk and starchy food to be highly harmful to the acne breakouts. So, leave these food items and have the healthy foods instead. Do not dry our your skin to the extent that is harmful to the skin. Wash or cleanse your face with gentle products and apply moisturizers that are specified for the acne prone skin. Be patient while treating your acne as it consumes the time. So, have tolerance and keep on trying to treat the acne.

Ildi Pekar

According to this skin care expert, you have to avoid the soy, nuts and the dairy items. Because these oily items tend to make your acne worse, so avoid these items in your diet. Use honey masks for acne prone skin, it has antibacterial properties in it and thus it helps in getting rid of the acne!

Brittany Johnson

This skin care expert says not to touch, pop or squeeze your acne breakouts as it may get worse by doing so. Eat the healthy diet and do not eat the junk food and oily food items. Sleep on your back and do not touch your face to the pillowcase as it can harm your acne. Use a good quality regimen for your acne and stick to it making it regular. So, you would be able to get rid of the acne!

Brandon Doyle

Brandon is also a well-known skin care expert who suggests to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day to make your skin hydrated from inside. Hydration of the skin will let you get helped in terms of acne. Quit stress in your life as it could make a hormonal imbalance that is bad for your acne breakouts. Do Yoga and exercise regularly in order to get the healthy lifestyle, that leads to get rid of acne! Change the pillowcase daily and use clean pillowcase to sleep on. It will reduce the chances of getting your acne worse. So, do these remedies to get rid of your acne problem!

Sana Fela

Sana says that cut off the sugar and dairy products consumption that trigger the various kinds of hormonal disturbance and the result is an acne prone skin! Eat healthy foods like fresh veggies and fruits. Drink excess of water daily. Do not take stress as it can be harmful for your acne prone skin. Do exercise on regular basis, it will help you a lot! Choose the skin care products that are made for the acne prone skin specifically. Be patient and keep on taking care of your acne, eventually it will be off.

Laura Cooksey

Use the products that are containing benzoyl peroxide and vitamin A propionate in a recommended ratio. Apply home remedies to combat to the skin that is having the acne. Eat sea food, fresh fruits and salads. Drink enough water and leave the dairy products intake as well as the fried food. Cheesy and salty foods are also bad for your acne, so avoid these foods.

So, that is all about the top 18 skin care experts who shared their exprience to fight against your acne issue. So, hopefully you liked the word and will be get helped by this ultimate guide. Stay blessed and connected for more updates!