80 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is a Street Style Pro

80 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is a Street Style Pro


Are you always inspired by the rocking and full of attraction looks of the beautiful star Taylor Swift? She is really a symbol of fashion. She has always been known for her fashion looks. And the actress has introduced many more new fashion trends and the fashion looks. And if we talk about the most recent street styles, she is taken as a street style pro. Here we are going to unlock the top 80 reason that will let you know that why she is considered as a street style pro.

  1. What about dressing up in a polka dot dress? The star was seen rocking a polka dot skirt with center split with a blouse in polka dot print.
  2. The way Taylor mixes and matches is unbelievable. She was seen in a wonderful mixing and matching of neutral colors with pink shades.
  3. She has also been seen rocking the feminine look. She gave superb styling idea by matching a floral skit with a simple white top.
  4. If you like to go for wearing a romper dress, take inspiration from the Swift. She paired a white romper dress with electric-blue shoes for a rocking look.
  5. She gave the idea of head to toe dressing. What about dressing up in same skirt and the top?
  6. For giving your dresses in cool colors a bold look, she gave the idea of matching shoes and handbags in bold colors with such dresses.
  7. For an elongated and a stylish look, she preferred pairing short high-waisted shorts with high-heel platform pumps.
  8. For a stylish and a bold look at weekend, the best styling idea taken from the Swift is dressing up in a black overall.
  9. If you are going for a monochromatic dressing, another wonderful styling tip is to add colors to your monochrome look by wearing shoes in bold colors.
  10. If you are going for the soft pastel shades, the styling idea taken from Swift is mixing up peach, blue and yellow. Wear blue dress with peach shoes and yellow handbag.
  11. For getting a smart and a sexy look, Taylor preferred dressing up in bold separates.
  12. If you are going out during day then for getting an edgy look, another style inspiration taken from the Taylor is dressing up in a floral dress.
  13. Booties can never go out of trend. For a rocking feminine look, she has always been seen wearing a checkered dress.
  14. She gave the styling idea of adorning the simple dresses with metallic and leather details for a smart look.
  15. Another idea for getting a flawless look taken from the actress is mixing floral with stripes in neutral and pastel colors.
  16. Wherever you go, always try to complete your look with high heel shoes as advised by the Swift.
  17. For a sexy look, she introduced the idea of pairing a sheer dress with a little dress you are wearing.
  18. She matched her little dress in gray color with the shoes in the bright pink shade for a pretty look.
  19. She is always seen wearing high-waisted shorts and a top dress with high heel laces up booties.
  20. If you are looking for a cool feminine look, go for dressing up all in peach just like the Taylor and get the look.
  21. White and blue combo is just fantastic. She is usually seen dressed up in denim shorts and a white top.
  22. If you are looking for a retro-inspired look, pair your mini collared dresses with peep toe pumps as styled by the Swift.
  23. For a sexy look, she dresses up in revealing dresses that look not only bold, but sexy too.
  24. For a smarter look, she dresses up in belted dresses that look really flattering.
  25. She gave an impressive retro-inspired look by pairing a flared skirt with a checkered tee and peep toe heel shoes.
  26. She looked really pretty when she was seen in a little floral dress with bright high heel pumps and a matching handbag.
  27. Want to look pretty like Swift? Go for the pretty pink fashion accessories just like the Swift and look prettier.
  28. She gave a vibrant look in floral dress while wearing lipstick in bold orange shade.
  29. She was looking really impressive in graphic print black and white dress with shoes in contrasting color.
  30. She was looking really appealing in head-to-toe dressing in shoes and a shirt in marsala color with denim shorts.
  31. The black, red and white color combination is really impressive as taken from the Swift.
  32. For an adorable look, she uses to wear a matching headband with feminine floral mini dresses.
  33. She rocked up her sexy look in a lace dress by wearing a sparkly headband.
  34. For a flirty and a sexy look, just go for dressing up in a mini flared skirt with a matching crop top like her.
  35. She looked really inspiring as she was seen wearing a striped black and white t-shirt with black high-waisted shorts.
  36. She paired her little floral skirt with a white knotted top and she looked really impressive.
  37. The burgundy and black color combination is really hot. She paired her black overall with a burgundy handbag.
  38. What about dressing up all in white? She was looking really charming in a structured white top paired with a white little skirt.
  39. Graphic print shorts are a hot pick of Taylor. She paired her black and white graphic print shorts with a crop black top.
  40. For a feminine look, a black top is always a top pick. She looked really rocking in denim shorts and a black top.
  41. For a chic airport style, she went for an all black look.
  42. Getting handbag and shoes in same color is a wonderful styling idea introduced by the Swift.
  43. Pastel colors are really the super feminine colors. She gave the idea of mixing and matching the appealing pastel colors.
  44. Dresses with panels are also stylish. She looked really awesome in white and black paneled shirt and a white pleated skirt.
  45. Pairing a black skort with a black loose t-shirt is also a wonderful idea gave by the Swift.
  46. She gave another idea for a rocking look and that is to pair a long plaid coat with a top and a skirt set.
  47. For a warm and a fashionable look, she dressed up in a red peacoat. Knee-high boots completed her stylish warm look.
  48. If you are going for outing, go for head-to-toe all black look. Complete your stylish look by putting on a black leather jacket above like her.
  49. Fuchsia lips are just fantastic for an appealing street style. She paired her blue coat dress with fuchsia lips and looked really alluring.
  50. She also presented a traditional look by dressing up in a plaid skirt and a long plaid coat and a warm beanie cap.
  51. Another styling idea taken from her is to pair a black sleek topper with a mini frock dress and high heels.
  52. Want to try something new? Just go for pairing a lace top with traditional style bottoms in plaid print and get the look just like her.
  53. For adding an edge to your simple and a stylish look, she paired her gray skirt with black t-shirt.
  54. Pairing a sweater with skinny jeans is also just amazing for a full of style look. Taylor was also looking flawless in a sweater and black skinny jeans outfit.
  55. For a warm look during winter season in NYC, she went for pairing her turtleneck sweater in navy color with her skinny jeans in burgundy color.
  56. If you are going for a traditional style collared dress, just go for the high chunky heels and get the look as suggested by the Swift.
  57. For a signature look, she went for dressing up in a pleated skirt and a top outfit with high heels and red lips.
  58. Another fashion idea taken from her is dressing up in a button-down shirt and shorts outfit. Complete your look by wearing high heel pumps.
  59. She also looked attractive in layering style. Put on a sweater over the top and tights outfit and get the attractive look.
  60. Pink and camel color combination is also appropriate for the pretty look. She paired her pink sweater with jeans in camel color and was looking really appealing.
  61. Dressing up in separates in wonderful prints is another wonderful styling idea inspired from the actress.
  62. For a pop of look, she went for mixing black and pink. She paired her black dress with shoes in bright pink color and looked really rocking.
  63. For a retro-inspired look, if you are dressing up in a top and a skirt outfit; get a long trench coat and get the look like her.
  64. For a unique and a full of style look, she got a long-sleeved top and paired it with an A-line skirt.
  65. For an alluring look, she paired her solid black dress with high heel shoes in metallic colors.
  66. For a soft look, she went for a little black and white plaid skirt and a white top and she was looking really adorable.
  67. If you are going for the fresh floral print dresses, go for the floral print dresses in vibrant colors like her and get a vibrant look.
  68. For a playful and a sexy look, she is usually seen wearing high strappy heel shoes.
  69. For an edgy look, dressing up in black and white is another impressive idea taken from the actress.
  70. For a chic look, she went for a black-and-white gingham dress.
  71. For a fresh look, another styling idea is dressing up in stripes. She completed her look with bold red lips.
  72. Menswear inspired look is another look promoted by her. What about trying a striped button-down top with shorts and oxford shoes?
  73. For a little more style, she went for a mint green little dress with fuchsia pumps and a long chain necklace.
  74. Another idea taken from her is dressing up in a tunic dress. Go for a tunic belted dress and look smart like her.
  75. For a smart and a casual look, she went for pairing a black tee with denim shorts and nude pumps.
  76. For an outing, another wonderful idea is to dress up in a black jumpsuit taken from the style pro.
  77. Pairing a mini floral dress in vibrant colors with nude pumps and a nude handbag is another style idea taken from the celebrity.
  78. For a bold look, she went for a bold floral print button down belted dress with high heel pumps.
  79. Another style idea she introduced is to go for dressing up in floral print capris with a button down for an inspiring look.
  80. For perfect summer attire, she went for dressing up in a blouse and a skirt outfit. She created more style to her look by putting on a jacket above.