4 Spring Lip Colors You Have To Try, As Seen On Miranda...

4 Spring Lip Colors You Have To Try, As Seen On Miranda Kerr


Do you want to know the top 4 spring lip colors as seen on Miranda Kerr? Miranda Kerr lipstick trends are being popular among the people all over the world. Therefore, we have made a guide of the top 4 spring lipstick shades as seen on Miranda Kerr to make you be able to choose the right trendy shade of the lip color for this spring! Hopefully, you people will love the tips given below and you will get the best looks of lipstick shades in this spring by following this guide. So, scroll down to get the best lipstick trends of spring!

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model that is too much famous among the people. At the age of 13 years, she joined the fashion industry and got much fame! She was born in Sydney. Mostly she wears the lipstick shades that are categorized into four major classes here. These are the best lip makeup shades for the spring season that will make your personality catchy and funky! So, if you are inspired from the Miranda Kerr and her makeup styles, you must read this post. Here you are going to be aware of the facts about the Miranda Kerr’s lipstick styles that will suit you as well in the spring season!

Nude Lipstick

Miranda Kerr Nude Lipstick

Miranda Kerr wears the nude lipstick shades mostly to give the chic glamorous looks. Nude lipstick shades are the light lip colors that look so soft and light on the lips. There are various nice shades of the nude lipstick that provide a vast variety of the lip colors for the spring. But be careful before applying the nude lipstick shade. Keep in mind the skin tone you have, and then choose the shade of nude lipstick.

If you have pale skin, you have to opt for the pinkish nude lipstick. Miranda Kerr has the olive skin tone, so if you have the olive skin tone or golden skin tone, you will go for the peachy nude lipstick. Experiment on the nude lip colors to try on your lips and then notice the looks you get and the comments you collect. Then after that, stick to the shade that seems best suited on your lips!

So, the nude lipstick shades will prove the best lipstick colors for the spring to have the rocking looks! Be careful while having the eye makeup with the nude lip makeup. The eye makeup will look the best as if done with the smokey style. Brown smokey eyes, Black smokey eye makeup or the gray smokey eye makeup, all will look fabulous while combined with the nude lip makeup.

Deep Wine Colored Lipstick

Deep Wine Colored LipstickIf you like to wear the dark lipstick shades in the spring season, you must have to try the deep wine colored lip makeup for the spring to have the chic looks of the makeup, as seen on the Miranda Kerr. Yes, it is a popular look of her lip makeup that is liked by the people a lot! So, that is why, we suggest you to wear the deep wine colored lipstick shades in the spring and go rocking around the whole crowd!

Whether you are going to a party or a dinner like occasion, you will have the best makeup looks while you wear the deep wine color on your lips. The eye makeup with this dark lip makeup will go as the lightest. You have to apply nude eye shadow on your eyelids and then draw a fine line along the upper lashline to give a shape to your eyes. Then apply a light coat of mascara on your eyes to add a bit of style to your makeup. But avoid the smokey eye makeup with the deep lip makeup as it will be overdone and will look odd.

Miranda Red Lipstick

Miranda Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is considered to be the classic kind of lipstick that suits on everyone on any kind of occasion. Most of the people stick to wear the red lipstick to look catchy and prominent. As we are talking about the spring lip makeup shades, we must have to mention that the red lip makeup will upgrade your style and enhance your attraction making you look like wow!

There are various shades of the red lipstick as the bright red, dark red, deep red lipstick. All of the red lipstick shades will suit your personality while worn in the spring. Miranda Kerr mostly wears the red lip color to have the chic and stylish look. So, if you want to follow the Miranda Kerr’s lipstick shade styles, you must wear the red lip makeup.

You can wear the red matte lipstick as well as the red glossy lipstick according to your own choice. Both looks add a superb beauty and attraction in your style. So, this spring, are you going to be the prominent personality and the center of eyes by wearing the red lipstick shades as seen on the Miranda Kerr? That will rock your personality definitely!

Orange Lipstick Shades

Miranda Kerr Orange Lipstick Shades

Miranda Kerr sometimes seems to wear the orange shades of the lip makeup that make her more catchy and funky. Orange lipstick shade suits on the Miranda Kerr a lot and that is why, we are suggesting you to have this lipstick trend applied on your spring makeup looks. Yes, it will be the best idea to get the chic looks and stylish appearance.

You can wear smokey eye makeup along with the orange lip makeup if it is lighter. If you are going to apply the dark orange shade on your lips, then go for the moderate to light shades of the eye makeup to focus on your lips. it will make your looks amazingly gorgeous and elegant!

So, that are the top 4 spring lip colors you have to try, as seen on Miranda Kerr! Hopefully, you liked all lipstick ideas and you are going to try these trends on you this spring! Just get any single shade of the lip makeup out of these four lipstick shades, and get stunning looks among the crowd!