18 Extremely Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

18 Extremely Effective Tips For Healthy Hair


Healthy hair is a great blessing that enhances your beauty and attraction. Most of the people are experiencing the hair issues like dandruff, weak and brittle hair, split ends, rough and frizzy hair, shineless hair and the hair loss as well. All of these hair problems need specific attention and care to resolve out. So, we have collected the top 18 tips and tricks for the healthy hair that are extremely effective. Just scroll down to get the ideas and get rid of hair problems at all!

Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Vitamin intake is a must to do trick that boosts the health of the hair from inside. Vitamins if are taken according to the recommended dosage, make your hair strong, healthy and beautiful. So, take vitamins to get the beautiful hair.

Best Shampoo For Healthy Hair

You have to choose the best shampoo for your hair type. First, you will have to analyze your hair to get the conclusion that what is your hair type. Oily hair, dry hair, normal hair, damaged hair, split ends, weak hair, falling hair and the rough hair are some types of the hair. So, choose the shampoo according to the hair type you have!

Fruits For Healthy Hair

Eating fruits can lead you get the perfect and healthy hair soon! If you eat fruits on the daily basis, you are providing your body the complete nutrition in the form of vitamins. So, these nutrients would definitely give you the healthy hair!

Balanced Diet For Healthy Hair

A balanced diet is another amazing trick in order to get the healthy hair. If you add vitamins, minerals, proteins, water, oils and the carbs in a balanced way that is recommended, you will get the strong, shiny and healthy hair soon!

Protein Diet For Healthy Hair

Hair is made up of the protein units. So, if you want to get the healthy and strong hair, you will have to take the protein diet like eggs, fish, poultry, milk, and the dairy products. These protein foods will help you get the beautiful and attractive hair!

Right Way To Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair in the wrong way affects the hair health in a bad way! So, brush your hair in the right direction and the right way. Be careful while combing your hair strands. Make the sections of your hair and then comb each section turn by turn, it will protect your hair from the damage.

Straightener Hair Damage

If you have frizzy hair and you are habitual to straighten them by the electric straightener. Frequent use of the straightener on your hair could damage your hair health. So, prevent the heat damage to your hair and get the healthy hair!

Hair Curler Damage

Hair curler also induces the heat to your hair in order to curl them. Hair curlers could harm your hair strands a lot! So, do not make the hairstyles with the use of electric curlers as these damage the hair health.

Oil Hair Massage

Oiling is one of the best kinds of remedies of hair care. Do oil massage on your scalp and the roots of the hair will grow well. You can use olive oil, almond oil, amla oil, coconut oil and any other oil like these to massage your hair and scalp!

Conditioner For Healthy Hair

Conditioner use makes the hair healthier, but it should be according to the hair type you own. The shampoo brand and the conditioner brand should be same. Hence, the conditioner will work better.

Wet Hair Care

When you take the shower and your hair is wet, you need the extraordinary care of your wet hair. Hair is the weakest when it is wet. So, while you comb the wet hair, you actually make your hair weaker and it breaks. So, comb after drying the hair, it will give you healthy hair!

Do Not Wash Hair Everyday

If you are habitual to wash your hair every day, you are harming your hair health. The shampoo contains various kinds of the chemicals that damage the hair a lot. So, when you wash hair frequently, you damage your hair. So, prevent this damage by shampooing the hair twice or thrice the day at most!

Hot Shower Hair Damage

Hot showers also damage your hair. The heat of the hot shower makes your hair weaker and brittle. So the hair tends to get breakage and falling. So, avoid hot showers, replace them with the lukewarm water showers!

Blow Dryer Hair Damage

If you dry your hair with the blow dryer setting it on the heated mode, you make your hair weaker. The heat of blow dryer makes the hair strands brittle and weaker and hence various problems arise! So, be careful in this context.

Tight Braids Hair Loss

Avoid the hairstyle called as the tight braids! Tight braids make the hair weaker and hair tends to fall. The hair damage by the tight braids is very common among the girls, so avoid tight hairstyles!

Sun Exposure And Hair Loss

If you introduce the sun exposure to your hair mostly, you are making your hair harmed! Hair loss, weak hair, brittle hair, split ends and the rough hair are the problems that arise mostly after the sun exposure. So, keep your hair protected!

Right Way Of Conditioning Hair

The right way of conditioning your hair is after the shampoo. Shampoo your hair and then apply the conditioner on the hair. Leave the distance of about 3 inches from the roots of the hair and proceed applying the conditioner till the ends of the hair. Then massage for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.

Hair Masks For Healthy Hair

Hair masks like the honey mask, egg mask, yogurt mask, avocado mask, oily mask, aloe vera and honey mask and other hair masks like that are the best solution to take care of your hair. So, apply the hair masks on your hair once a week and get the strong, shiny, healthy and beautiful hair!