10 Best Acne Home Remedies

10 Best Acne Home Remedies


What causes the biggest skin problem acne? The most common skin problem that affects the skin of the people of all ages is acne. Especially, the problem of acne is most common among the young people. Increased hormone level is the major cause behind this skin problem. Other than increased hormone level, there are many other causes of acne too. Lack of sleep and more stress also causes acne. If you do not take balanced diet, your skin may be affected with acne. Mostly, the skin problem affects our face. There are medical treatments for treating this acne, but the home remedies for treating acne are more effective as compared to the other treatments. Here are the 10 best home remedies for treating acne.

Fuller’s Earth Clay

The use of fuller earth is the most effective for treating the skin affected with acne. Fuller earth works the same way as baking soda works for eliminating acne. Within no time, it has the power to improve your complexion. Fuller earth is just great for absorbing the excess of oil from our skin and for making our skin free from acne due to its anti greasy characteristics. Also, it can be found at any grocery store easily at a low price. Just prepare a mix of fuller earth and rose water and apply it over your skin twice or thrice a week and have clear and smooth skin.

Fenugreek And Acne

Just like the Aloe Vera Gel, the herb fenugreek also has a number of benefits for our skin. The herb has amazing antiseptic properties. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Take a few fenugreek leaves and prepare powder by grinding these leaves. Then prepare a paste using fenugreek power and warm water. Do add some lemon drop for more effective results. Apply the paste on your face twice a week and have beautiful skin free from the acne.

Lemon Juice And Acne

The use of lemon is accepted as the most effective home remedy for getting rid of a number of skin conditions as lemon has acidic properties. Do you know that lemon can also help you in polishing off acne from your skin in a polished way? Lemon works in a great way by taking off the acne causing dirt from our skin. Use of lemon also keeps our skin shiny and fair. This is the simplest home remedy for acne. Just take out a lemon slice and start rubbing it over your face. Keep on rubbing for 10-15 minutes at least. Repeat the process daily or three times a week.

Baking Soda For Acne

The use of baking soda is common in treating a number of skin problems. You can gently get rid of acne if you use a mix of baking soda, lemon and water regularly for exfoliating your skin. Also, this acne treatment is quite cost effective. Dead cells present on our skin have oil secretions that cause acne. The use of baking soda for exfoliating the skin helps in opening the pores of our skin. It results in eliminating the dead cells of our skin. Also, there are no side effects of using this baking soda for controlling acne formation. Do follow the home remedy and have clear skin.

Oatmeal For Acne

Next effective home treatment for getting rid of acne is the use of oatmeal. The use of oatmeal face mask acts as a cleanser. It better keeps our skin clean from dirt, dust and excess of oil that are the major causes behind the acne. Also, oatmeal mask helps in the best exfoliating of our skin. Within no time you will have clear skin free from acne if you regularly use the face mask made by mixing honey, lemon and oatmeal in equal proportions. Also, do rub your skin with this mixture twice a week and see the wonderful results.

Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Next comes the use of tea tree oil if you want to have a beautiful skin free from swelling and acne too. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties and therefore; it can kill off every pimple present on our face. It smoothly polishes off the acne by disinfecting the pores. It fights against the bacteria that cause acne. The use of this anti-acne oil is very simple. Just take a few drops of oil and apply the oil on the area affected with acne.

Indian Lilac Oil

The use of Indian lilac oil is also very powerful for treating various skin problems. The oil also has antiseptic properties. Use of Indian lilac oil helps in eliminating acne as it kills off the bacteria that cause acne. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it makes us feel relaxed. It also polishes off skin redness. Prepare a paste of Indian lilac leaves, turmeric powder and warm water. Apply the paste on the affected area and have clear and acne free skin.

Toothpaste For Acne

Toothpaste is always available at every home. After baking soda, it is another very cost effective treatment for acne. The use of toothpaste keeps our teeth clean and clear. In a similar way, the use of toothpaste can also keep our skin soft and clear. If you have pimples on your skin, just use toothpaste daily. Take out a small amount of toothpaste and apply it on ever pimple on your skin. The use of toothpaste will also make you feel relaxed as it has soothing properties. It will also polish off the skin swelling. Do try the home remedy daily and see the wonderful results.

Orange Peel And Acne

Just like lemon, orange also has acidic properties and the use of orange has many amazing benefits for our skin. There is vitamin C present in orange and Vitamin C has amazing benefits for our skin. The use of orange peel is quite effective for getting rid of acne. If a mix of lemon juice and orange juice is applied on the affected area, it will bring more effective results. Take out orange peels and let them dry in the sunlight. Prepare a powder by grinding these orange peels. Make a paste of this power and milk or powder or lemon juice and apply it to your skin and have flawless beauty.

Aloe Vera Gel And Acne

Next comes Aloe Vera Gel that is the most amazing ingredient for polishing off acne. This amazing ingredient is also a part of almost every skin care product. This ingredient is just enough for solving any type of skin problem. Aloe Vera Gel has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. By using Aloe Vera Gel, you will just get rid of acne in a period of a few days only. Just take out Aloe Vera Gel and apply it to your face and have acne free skin.